Let's get in the car and visit our Amish communities, or maybe see the brilliant designed barn quilts. We also offer many Rustic Road tours.


Amish Communities

BicycleAmish Communities

This trip consists of mostly rural county trunk roads and township roads once you enter the Amish Community area featured in gold on the map.

Most of these rights-of-way are very old and follow the "lay of the land".  Many were constructed using routes in existence in the 1700s & 1800s.

One can become disoriented or temporarily lost  in this rural area. However, by following the suggested route and the written directions provided, plus printing a copy  of the map you should find your way. Amish communities


Businesses along the route can help you with directions. Remember to drive cautiously and defensively on this route...you will encounter horse drawn vehicles, pedestrian traffic and you will be in unfamiliar territory.

Amish Communities

(Click on the map for a printable version)

The Amish communities of Wisconsin are centered in three general areas: in the northeastern part of the state south and east of the city of Eau Claire; in the southeast region stretching from Whitewater down to Beloit; and in the south-central region, including our very own counties of Columbia, Green Lake, Marquette and Sauk.

amishGenerally, all the Amish in south-central Wisconsin are Old Order Amish, with no tractors in the fields, few telephones except at an occasional shop or along a lonely lane, hook-and-eye closures on clothing instead of buttons, and small one-room schoolhouses.

One can find several Amish businesses, or businesses supporting Amish heritage,
along many routes in the area. Most of these roads are very old and follow the "lay
of the land", and were constructed using routes in existence in the 1700's and 1800's.
Once into the interior of Amish country, it is impossible to get anywhere quickly!

amishPlease slow down and show courtesy to horse-drawn wagons and buggies – we want everyone to remain safe. Besides, scenery is always more enjoyable when viewed at a slower pace. You will wind along bluff tops, down alongside rushing creeks and through uplands dotted with farms and country churches. The lodging and food choices here are fewer but perfectly fine; ranging from country inns to family motels to cabins. Enjoy a quiet drive through Amish country and discover a simpler time and an area rich in heritage.



Barn Quilt Tour

BicycleEastern Columbia county barn quilt tour May 11 – 2017

Tour will start at 9:00am and will end at approximately 4:00pm. Questions? Want to register? Need more information? Contact Margo Holzman 608-635-7772 or for More information click here

Coming soon to a barn near you!

What are Barn Quilts?
Each barn “quilt” is actually an 8’ X 8’ quilt square painted on plywood and mounted on the side of a barn or other farm structure. A Barn Quilt Committee works with people interested in having a barn quilt to choose a quilt design, decide on a location, and assist in creating and installing the barn quilt.

Mission Statement
The mission of Barn Quilts of Columbia County is to celebrate the agricultural heritage of our county through the warmth and beauty of quilting art.
To preserve the agricultural character of Columbia County
To celebrate the county’s history and heritage
To encourage artistic expression
To bring generations together to learn and share
To encourage economic development by promoting agri-tourism and other local businesses


Check out our first two Columbia County Barn Quilts!

Lapacek’s Orchard LLC - N1959 Kroncke Road, Poynette

Becky & Marvin Gutzman Family - W3616 County Old B, Rio
Prairie HCE Club & Welsh Prairie Livewires 4-H Club

BicycleHow can people get involved?
Barn Quilts of Columbia County has many opportunities for involvement: Apply to have a barn quilt on your barn or farm structure, Help paint a barn quilt, Assist with quilt designs, Donate or get donations to help support the creation of barn quilts, Provide a “boom truck” or other vehicle to help with installation of finished quilts, Help promote the Barn Quilts of Columbia County

Photos of Columbia County Barns Quilts and the following forms can be found on the UW-Extension website:

Location Criteria - Application Form - Sponsor Form - Interest Form


BicycleTo learn more about Columbia County Barn Quilts,
Barn Quilts of Columbia County
Attn: Margo Holzman
N3871 Holzman Drive
Poynette, WI 53955
(608) 635-7772
An EEO/Affirmative Action Employer, University of Wisconsin-Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title IX and ADA requirements.

Coming soon to a barn near you!
Barn Quilts of Columbia County is a project of the Columbia County Association for Home and Community Education (HCE) and Columbia County UW-Extension

Barn Quilt Locations

For a printable map click here

William and Joyce Gretzinger
W1880 Hwy 16
Fall River, WI 53932
Pattern: Chicken Love

Adam Hahn
N2983 Hwy A
Columbus, WI 53925
Pattern: Triangle Design

Miller’s Christmas Trees
N3763 Otsego Road
Rio, WI 53960
Pattern: Santa Star

Norm and Gert Stilson
N5159 County B
Rio, WI 53960
Pattern: Vineyard Variable Star

John and Avis Link
N5953 Bender Road
Cambria, WI 53923
Pattern: Four Corners

Reinhold and Yvonne Seemann
W2994 County Highway G
Rio, WI 53960
3 Patterns:
Mariner Compass
Bees in the Field
Stained Glass Butterfly

Neal and Carol Lloyd
W1631 County P
Cambria, WI 53923
Pattern: Hole in the Barn Door
Andrew Hahn
W1775 Vaughn Road
Cambria, WI 53923
Pattern: Rooster

Jill and Greg Jones
N6933 Highway 146
Cambria, WI 53923
Pattern: Badger Blaze


Jeff Hahn
N6579 Closs Road
Cambria, WI 53923
Pattern: Two Roosters

Eugene and Lorraine Hahn
W3198 Old B Road
Cambria, WI 53923
Pattern: 3 Welsh-patterned Quilts

Becky and Marvin Gutzman
W3616 Old County B Road
Rio, WI 53960
Pattern: 4-H Clover

Ring Farm
W5195 County G
Rio, WI 53960
Pattern: USA Patriotic Star

Clifton and Marilyn Bradley
W5756 Highway 33
Pardeeville, WI 53954
3 Patterns:
Heritage Star
Pinwheel Star
Variable Star

Gary and Renee Whirry
The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond
3540 Highway 22
Poynette, WI 53955
Pattern: Harvest Moon Pond

Darrell and Julie Schoeneberg
N2760 Mountford Road
Poynette, WI 53955
Pattern: Golden Corn

Lapacek’s Orchard
N1959 Kroncke Road
Poynette, WI 53955
Pattern: Constellation

Bob and Karen Kronberg
N1748 County C
Rio, WI 53960
Pattern: Rolling Star

Mary and Jerome Benisch
N1104 County N
Columbus, WI 53925
Pattern: Gothic Barn


Doris A. Hughes
W2870 County K
Columbus, WI 53925
Pattern: Indian Corn

Peterson Farm
N3036 County Highway J
Poynette, WI 53955
Pattern: Variable Star

Peter and Margo Holzman
N3871 Holzman Drive
Poynette, WI 53955
Pattern: North Star

Amber Hahn
N4735 Highway V
Poynette, WI 53955
2 Patterns:
Welsh Dragon

Chris and Sue Jensen
N4029 Highway 78
Merrimac, WI 53561
Pattern: Heritage Star

Larry Whitney and Maureen Murphy
W11815 County W
Baraboo, WI 53913

Cheryl and Richard Heimerl
N8379 County CX
Portage, WI 53901
Pattern: Rolling Star

Nelson Farm
W13615 Nelson Road
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
Pattern:  Hen and Chicks


Rustic Roads

Rustic Road 49
 Sauk and Columbia Counties. Levee Road, beginning at the intersection with County T east to the intersection with WIS 33.
Length:  9.8 miles
Surface:  Paved Levee Road travels through the Aldo Leopold reserve along the Wisconsin River, giving motorists, bikers and hikers an opportunity to view prairie grasses, wildlife, trees and marsh in their natural setting.

Rustic Road 104
Location: Marquette and Columbia Counties. 14th Road and Barry Avenue between County O and County CM. Length: 2.8 miles Surface: Paved 

This road passes over hills and valleys closely bordered by mixed hardwood forests and large cottonwood trees. Picturesque, century-old farms can be seen from several locations. The French Creek Wildlife Area and John Muir State Natural Area are nearby. There are remnant prairie patches and abundant wildlife along R-104.

Rustic Road 21
Location:  Sauk County. Just off County PF, follow portions of Schara Road, Ruff Road and Orchard Drive, and Slotty Road. Length:  8.6 miles Surface:  Gravel Ruff Road, Orchard Drive, and Slotty Road are narrow, gravel roads. They wind through rolling, rugged terrain, near Natural Bridge State Park where the Raddatz rock shelter is located, the oldest documented site of primitive man in the upper-midwest. Schara Road extends along a ridge bordered by oaks, maples, basswoods and hickories. Remains of an old barn and home foundation are visible from the road. A walk during the spring and summer reveals many wildflowers along the roadside and in the open fields. Note: Slotty Road was added in 1996.

Rustic Road 69
 Columbia County. Old Agency House Road, from East Albert Street to the north end near the Old Indian Agency House. Length:  .75 miles Surface:  Paved R69 travels along the historic Portage Canal. On one side of the road are wetlands which serve as a habitat for sandhill cranes, blue heron, and many other birds. The road leads to the historic Indian Agency House. Built in 1832, the house is open to the public. The northeast end of the road connects with the Marquette Trail.  One can also view the remnants of the Old Fort Winnebago Locks. This canal joined the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers, making travel by water possible for the first time from Green Bay to the Gulf of Mexico

Rustic Road 14
 Adams County. Ember Drive between County A Highway and County Highway B. Length:  2 miles Surface:  Gravel This thickly forested area supports a multitude of wildlife and wildflowers. The road winds through a cleft on top of a bluff. A natural spring runs from the top of the bluff down the side of the road to the east.

Rustic Road 50
 Adams County. Cottonville Avenue (Old State Road), from Eighth Drive east to Fourth Avenue. Length:  4.6 miles Surface:  Unpaved Locals call this road the State Road because it was laid out by the state, probably in the 1800’s. Vistas along this road include native lowland and upland trees, shrubbery and marshes. Wild birds, deer, and grouse abound.

Rustic Road 110
Location:  Columbia County. Portions of O’Connor, Van Ness and Chrislaw roads between WIS 60 and WIS 113. Length:  5.9 miles Surface:  Paved R110 meanders through prime agricultural land interspersed with ponds and small lakes, marshland and rolling hills covered in trees. Wildlife abounds through the route. Outstanding fall foliage make R110 a very good tour route.


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