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Visit Columbia County for a leisurely visit to the Amish community. Experience the simple life first hand as you tour the Amish community. Including Amish owned and Amish Heritage businesses selling authentic Amish goods.

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Amish Driving Tour

AmishThis tour consists of mostly rural county trunk roads and township roads once you enter the Amish Community area featured in gold on the map.

Most of these rights-of-way are very old and follow the "lay of the land".  Many were constructed using routes in existence in the 1700s & 1800s.

AmishOne can become disoriented or temporarily lost  in this rural area. However, by following the suggested route and the written directions provided, plus printing a copy  of the map you should find your way.

amish buggy

Businesses along the route can help you with directions. Remember to drive cautiously and defensively on this route...you will encounter horse drawn vehicles, pedestrian traffic and you will be in unfamiliar territory.

Amish Communities

(Click on the map for a printable version including driving directions)

The Amish communities of Wisconsin are centered in three general areas: in the northeastern part of the state south and east of the city of Eau Claire; in the southeast region stretching from Whitewater down to Beloit; and in the south-central region, including our very own counties of Columbia, Green Lake, Marquette and Sauk.

amishGenerally, all the Amish in south-central Wisconsin are Old Order Amish, with no tractors in the fields, few telephones except at an occasional shop or along a lonely lane, hook-and-eye closures on clothing instead of buttons, and small one-room schoolhouses.

One can find several Amish businesses, or businesses supporting Amish heritage,
along many routes in the area. Most of these roads are very old and follow the "lay
of the land", and were constructed using routes in existence in the 1700's and 1800's.
Once into the interior of Amish country, it is impossible to get anywhere quickly!

amishPlease slow down and show courtesy to horse-drawn wagons and buggies – we want everyone to remain safe. Besides, scenery is always more enjoyable when viewed at a slower pace. You will wind along bluff tops, down alongside rushing creeks and through uplands dotted with farms and country churches. The lodging and food choices here are fewer but perfectly fine; ranging from country inns to family motels to cabins. Enjoy a quiet drive through Amish country and discover a simpler time and an area rich in heritage.



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